Dry food shipping requires shippers to have specific knowledge and special equipment. Our dry foods are shipped to the desired location at certain temperatures and in a hygienic environment. It is of vital importance for us that our dry food products are not smashed, our boxes are not damaged, and the shipping is carried out meticulously and carefully.

In addition to the measures we take, we strictly adhere to extremely sensitive certain temperature and humidity levels during the shipment.

For the packaging process, we use a method that is known as modified atmosphere packaging. This method is a specific packaging technique that maintains the quality of products and extends the shelf life. With this method, our products remain durable for a long time with a shelf life of 1 year to 1.5 years. In the nitrogen gas packaging process, it primarily prevents the product from decay by minimizing the oxygen level in the package and plays an extremely effective role in preserving the color, texture and nutritional values of the product.


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