About Kurune Gıda

We adopt the principle that we should eat healthier today for a healthier tomorrow. Our country has the potential to grow fruits and vegetables worldwide because it has a rich diversity of climates and soils. Kurune Gıda has access to vegetables and fruits grown everywhere in Turkey so that they are delivered to the facility in the right season. We supply our products from certified producers for organic food who do not use any additives.

Our products are dried in a clean, healthy and hygienic indoor environment. With the Dry Food Processing Technology system, the likelihood of dust, germs and mold is eliminated in the products that are dried without sun and open air. Our products do not contain any food coloring and additives.

The demand for dry foods has increased been considerably recently because of their benefits for health. There are many varieties, including fruits and vegetables. Our dried products do not contain any food coloring and additives.

Our products are exported to the whole world because of the drying process, which is a natural method in which the quality, taste and nutritional values are best preserved.


The major characteristic of our dried fruits and vegetables is that they do not contain gluten and sugar and are vegan. Kurune Gıda’s products are the optimal type of nutrition for a healthy life as they incorporate all of these properties.


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